20 Heroes of World War II

History, specifically the time around World War II is full of Heroics, and the bookshelves are filled with tales of great men of war. However, the names and stories of most of these heroes perish with history. Some of these stories of heroes became a legend and told from generation to generation. We can’t calculate […]

10 Most Popular Historical Places in the World

Historical places are those places where the cultural, political, artistic, intellectual, traditional and social pieces or things are saved and preserved due to their important and valuable value. Most of the historic places in a country are controlled by its official government. Often the government allots an annual fix budget for their safety and maintenance. […]

10 Most Famous Volcanoes in the World

A volcano is a snap on the outer layer of the earth (crust) of a planetary-mass object, such as Earth, that enables hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to come out from the magma chamber below the surface of Earth. Most of the volcanoes belongs to Indonesia. That’s why Indonesia is also called as the […]

20 Worst Leaders in History

In the past, there were many leaders who were famous due to their brave work. However, there are also were also some leaders who were known due to their cruelty and bad governance. These leaders had killed millions of people in their time. For example, Hitler started World War II and caused the death of […]

20 Largest Empires in World History

An Empire contains the extension of a country’s sovereignty over external territories and types of different ethnic groups. The term “empire” generally applied to political entities that are considered to be large by the standards of their time. Many large Empires established in history, but some of the empires have significant value in the World’s […]