10 Best Alkaline Foods

Generally, if we talk about alkaline foods, it includes most fruits, green vegetables, lentils, herbs, seasonings and many more. Eating too many alkaline foods has their own complications but they are less likely to occur. taking too much acidic food nowadays need a balance provided by alkaline foods taken by our body. There are most […]

10 Most Acidic Foods

The acidity of particular food material is measured by its pH. Higher the pH value of the food, more the acidity. Acid forming foods include meat, fish, legumes, grains, and many more. Our body has a pH balance system installed in it, naturally. The function of this system is to detect and maintain acidic-basic volume. […]

10 Biggest Dogs in the World

Huge dogs are generally very loyal and generous animals. As they say, dogs are more faithful than men. Well, maybe it’s true. Trained, tamed dogs are usually having balanced temper, good manners and they are obedient. Dogs are known to be ancient guardians and are said to be men’s oldest companions. Here is a list […]

10 Most Popular Car Companies

The automobile is not the name of an industry or business, it is the name of a world. Like other basic needs food, water, residence, health, and education it is also the part of our basic need and daily life. In fact, a huge share of the manufacturing industry is captured by the automobiles industry. […]

8 Popular American Car Brands

Most of the automobiles companies are either from the US or from Germany. Although the biggest share of car making is held either by Japan or Germany but at the same time, American car brands are also well-known in the world. World popular car brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Tesla, Pontiac, and Mosler are the […]

10 Best Flower Species in the World

Flowers are among the most beautiful gifts of nature. These always make the environment prettier and refresh the air. In different occasion, different flowers are used to express their feelings. According to a botanist, there are over 270,000 kinds of flowers existing in the word. In which those unclassified flowers are not included, which grew […]

10 Most Dangerous Animals

Human is said to be the greatest creation by God, which are brave, intelligent, bold, creative and etc. However, animals are very similar to the human being in many ways ( we will not discuss it scientifically, where human are placed in the animal group). Many of the animals reproduce similar like human beings, they […]

10 Most Common Fears

Fear is a type of emotion which keeps us from different risks in the surroundings and has to develop to be most complicated, being with the fears extending from the strange to the simply ridiculous, there are some definite fears which usually a majority of the people has shared with. Here is a list of […]

10 Most Dangerous Sports

Sports and games are the best shape of exercise for us. They are a huge cause of entertainment. There are different kinds of sports in the world. While some are meant to be played indoors, some are supposed to be played out in the open. Some are relaxing, while others are challenging. There is always […]

10 Most Wanted Jobs in Australia

It is no secret that Australia has been suffering from a lack of talent in its business sector, with many organizations and companies all over the country failing to fill key positions in their infrastructure. Australia is in dire need of talent across all of its many industries, and personnel of some specific expertise is […]

10 Most Colorful Festivals in the World

Festival means celebrations. It denotes joy, fun, laughter, colors and many more factors. Every festival has a different history and a different story behind it. People celebrate their festivals in different manners, according to their cultures and traditions. Festivals are celebrated to bring people close and to enjoy to the fullest. Here is a list […]

20 Most Smartest Animals of the World

Humans are the most intelligent creature of the world, they have ability to learn, to reason and solve probllems. They can understand the thoughts and feelings of others. according to research, Humans are highly intelligent. Most of the people believe that animals are not so intelligent but they are wrong. Other members of the animal […]

10 Best Tea Brand in the World

Tea is the most highly consumed beverage worldwide. It is consume by almost everyone. Be it any country, any region, you will always come across people who consume a lot of tea. Some people are some what addicted to it. Here are some of the best tea brands in the world, listed below. 1. Tetley […]

10 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

Chocolates! Mouth-watery! Who hates them? I think, nobody. They’re the passion of many people. It’s something that gets you going. It’s a sign of temptation, romance and appetite of course. There are all varieties of chocolates. Some are cheap, some are expensive. But, here is the list of 10 most expensive chocolates in the world. […]