11 Bizarre Sports Around the World

You have surely heard of football, cricket, volleyball, golf, tennis and likewise many other sports because these are being played international level. Maybe you are familiar with all these because all these are being backed by their respective international federations. But there are dozens of others that are surely lesser known by the many and […]

10 Best Massage Chairs

The fast moving life has snatched many things from us. Exercise, an important part of life is no more the routine task of the most of the people. Everyone needs some time for some relax. That’s why the need of massage center is increasing day by day. But why one should pay a heavy amount […]

10 Most Test Runs in Career

Test cricket is where it all started from. Test cricket is the first format of England’s national game to have ever existed, and the two other formats that cricket is played in – T20 and One Day International, came into being much more recently. Test cricket literally tests a team’s stamina, its resilience, the degree […]