10 Most Remarkable Events in US History

Many such events have taken place in American history which do not only shook the people living in America but they also left a great impact on people living in the rest of the world. Some events were terrifying, some were good and some were extremely bad. List of some remarkable events in the history of US has been stated below.

1Death Of Abraham Lincoln
Death of Abraham Lincoln surely left everyone grief stricken. This was the most dreadful day for Americans because their great leader was shot at the back of his head by a man named Booth. Even a school kid living in America knows about Lincoln’s assassination. Lincoln’s death clearly states that even after war ends, the ill will between nations do not. And at times, that ill will or animosity takes life of other people.
2Off To The Moon

Yes! America was indeed the first country which have a privilege of securing this great title. Neil Armstrong was the first American who landed on the moon, all thanks to NASA. He landed on the moon in the Apollo 11 shuttle. This event truly advanced the space researches and knowledge.

3Civil War In America

This war was not against another country, this war was between the states of America. This was decided much of that country into different parts. Like North and South. This war took place in 1861 and is surely a very important historical event in the history of US.

4Pearl Harbor Attac

Pearl Harbor was actually a military base which was situated in Hawaii. On 7th December, 1941, it was attacked brutally by aircrafts. These aircrafts crashed right into the ships which were present over there at that time, wrecking them up and doing a major loss. This event even marked the beginning of World War 2. In this attack, there was huge financial loss and even 2000 lives of military officers were lost. It was truly a very sad historical event of US.

59-11 Incident

This is one of those events in the history of US that not only the natives of US but even people living outside US could never ever forget. It was one of the major attacks which have had ever took place, taking so many lives along. The famous World Trade Center Tower was hit by a plane, hundred of people were in there at that time. It was a breath taking event, which saddened almost the whole world.

6Barak Obama, As The First African President Of America

November 28th was the day when Barak Obama was elected as the president of America. Obama is still the president of US and he’s the first ever African-American presedent.

7Death Of President John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy was traveling in the backseat of his official government car, with his wife when a guy named Harvey Lee shot him in the head. Even his murdered was shot after he got arrested by the cops. This event was truly a very sad and upsetting event, over which everyone mourn for quite a long period of time.

8Bill Of Right
Bill of rights became the part of American constitution in the year 1791. This bill actually had first 10 changes and rights of the people of US. In the very same year, this bill of signed and added in the American constitution.
9Declaration Of Independance

This was the day when America itself announced it’s independence from Britain by creating the ‘declaration of independence’. On this very day, America got rid of Britain sovereignty.

10America Discovered

Last but not the least, this list won’t be completed without mentioning one of the most remarkable event in the whole history of US. That is, discovery of America! America was discovered on 12th September, 1492 by Columbus. Columbus was sailing around the world in his ship when he discovered America.

NOTE: The aforementioned content has been taken after thorough research from various websites including listabuzz.com and top10listonline.com. This content is according to the latest or current analysis, which can definitely change over time. No personal comments or analysis has been put into words.